By Laura on September 14, 2013
Format: Kindle Edition Amazon Verified Purchase
Being one not very in to reading, I was persuaded to give author T.L. Jones a chance. Well, after sleepless nights, it is safe to say this book is amazing. Never wanted to put the book down. I highly recommend this book and author!!!

By Adrienne Andersen on August 31, 2013
Format: Kindle Edition Amazon Verified Purchase
It kept me wanting to read from start to finish. Hope there are more books to follow. Great book. Way to go.

Format: Kindle Edition Amazon Verified Purchase
Dark Gift is a masterpiece of suspense with the most delightful, fascinating characters; a shadowy, sinister killer; frustrating ghosts who have trouble communicating; and a generous sprinkling of humor. This book kept me absolutely spellbound from start to finish! A great read, I cannot recommend Dark Gift strongly enough!

By Melissa Specht on January 23, 2013
Format: Paperback
Awesome paranormal thriller that you won't want to put down. The author brings you into the story so you feel like you have been to the area. When you think you know whats going to happen, guess again. Unexpected twists in the story as you go.
I have read all of the books from T.L Jones she is an awesome author and can't wait for the next book in the Jaded series

Thoroughly Enjoying This One!
By Dianne on January 8, 2013
Format: Kindle Edition Amazon Verified Purchase
I was first intrigued by the idea of reading a murder mystery book that also included paranormal stuff, but this book surprised me even more. I enjoyed the characters because none of them were super heroes. They were just ordinary people living ordinary lives who all shared an interest in the paranormal. The story line was easy to follow and was believable. There wasn't an over abundance of profanity and I found it refreshing that several characters expressed their faith in God.  I would recommend this book and ask where I can find more like this one.

FANTASTIC! A MUST READ!, January 6, 2013
BKaren Vance HammondAmazon Verified Purchase
Terrifying at its best! Readers will scream bloody murder with each turn of the page. Dark Gift by T. L . Jones does it again bringing you to your knees begging for more. Inside the pentagram there is no need for prayers.....Only the soul that is taken. You will not put this book down. Absolutely fantastic.

Dark Gift keeps you on the edge of your seat, November 19, 2012
This review is from: Dark Gift (Paperback)
Here you have the Bridgewater Triangle so who needs to go to Bermuda to find a triangle? I have read every book written by TL Jones and am anxiously awaiting book 3 in her Jade series. I haven't been to the part of the county written about in this fictional mystery but feel like I have been after reading this book. I love the way authors have the ability to publish their own works so there is more to read. I would never spend the time counting or looking for punctuation or grammatical errors. Instead I chose to loose myself in the story and I didn't want to stop until I was done. The only problem with that is the closer I got to the end of the book the slower I read. I wanted to prolong the story as long as I could. Finally gave in and rushed to the end. Please hurry up and write another book TL Jones! If I want to dissect writing I save it for the headline in community newspapers. That's because I spent years working for a few of them as a journalist and assistant editor. WTG TL Jones. It would be a blast to see this in movie format on the big screen. So please get yourself a copy pf this book and you be the judge or whether you like it or not...

an amazing book, November 15, 2012
By chrisd
This review is from: Dark Gift (Paperback)
i dont know what to say i was drawn in by the first few pages and it kept me on the edge of my seat. i live right near the forest in question, and just to have the thought in my head that a new killer could be out there after what had happened in the 70's. If you are into thrillers then this is a must read,cant wait to see another one from these author's come out!

Review by: christine dias o
I LOVED this book!!! Could not put it down!!! A real page turner, wished it would never end!!! Great Job T.L. Jones and John Brightman!!! Can we look for another book in the series??? Fingers crossed!!!

Review by: Mary Durr on Oct. 30, 2012 : (no rating)
I am not usually into the thriller genre but after seeing the cover I decided to give it a try....I was lucky to snag a copy prior to its release and am so glad I did! This was a real page turner that kept me on the edge of my seat!!! I've been a long time fan of T. L. Jones work and am so excited for more to come!


By Austin/Salem Lady on February 16, 2011
Format: Paperback
One never knows what to expect from a first-time writer; however, when I began reading Jaded Visions, I found an intriguing storyline that immediately piqued my interest. The protective instincts of Jade, coupled with Emmie's trusting nature and the paranormal element immediately drew me into Jade's world. T.L. Jones successfully brings her experience in law enforcement into the fold, providing the reader with insight into the character of Ryan, a no-nonsense detective with the police department.

Twists and turns in the storyline kept it exciting and I didn't want to wait to find out what would happen next. I consistently stayed up way too late at night so that I could read "just one more" chapter. I recommend you check out Jaded Visions. It's a real page-turner that you won't want to put it down until you've finished the whole book!

Format: Paperback
I have read this book cover to cover and loved it... you never know whats gonna happen next, by the end of the book you almost feel as if Jade, Ryan and Emmie are real people that you have grown close to and you want to know more about there lives. I can not wait to see if a second book comes out. I would love to read more of her books.

By C. Love on December 23, 2013
Format: Kindle Edition
I like both mysteries as well as books with characters such as Jade who has visions. I was drawn into the book quickly and glad I chose to read it over the Thanksgiving holiday so I didnt have to put it down. I loved the connection between Jade and Emmie...and even the romance that grew with Jade and Ryan. They seemed to fit right in with the "who done it" of the murder mystery.

By Karen Vance Hammond on September 1, 2013
Format: Kindle Edition

Author T.L. Jones has mastered the craft of writing. Jaded Visions, a mystery, screams paranormal terror grabbing the reader immediately. You will not be able to put this book down.. It is a must read!

Format: Paperback
Started reading this book a few weeks ago and am loving it. I wasn't sure about this type of book but I am so glad I got it. I hope there's another in the works for when I'm done with this one. All in all a great book to just curl up with. I also, bought this for my sister for a gift and she loves it as well. I would definitely recommend this book.


Format: Kindle Edition

Author, T.L. Jones has done it again! Between the pages, Jaded Feelings sucked me in from the start. A woven tapestry of mystery, suspense and paranormal all weaved into one that will catch you from the start---Brilliant!